About your host…

October 6, 2017

Born and raised in the often too cold but occasionally way too hot state of South Dakota, Casey was exposed to audiobooks as a young age. Perhaps as a result of being born with a visual impairment, auditory learning came easy to him. However, for reasons that even he can't explain, he never became much of a reader or audiobook listener until he reached his early 30s.

His favorite genres of books include: mysteries, science fiction, biographies, history, science & technology, sports, true crime and even a classic every once in awhile. When he's not listening to an audiobook or talking about them on a podcast he enjoys numerous sports, watching movies and classic sitcoms and ranting about these topics on social media. If none of those currently have his attention, he might be found writing on his personal blog at http://randomcatastrophe.net/. His dislikes include snow, coffee, snow again, coffee again and anyone who suggests he might try coffee to get over the fact that it is snowing.

Casey currently serves as a board member of the South Dakota Association of the Blind (http://sd-sdab.org/) which advocates on behalf of the blind and visually impaired citizens of South Dakota.